BM Silo

Automated production of silos

LT Automation has made an old dream come true - a dream of a fully automatic robot plant for the production of steel silos directly from raw materials to pre-packaged silos - according to the principle of "one-piece production" by customer order. Throughout the process, LT Automation has solved complex problems in this “First-mover project”. It is most certainly not the last time we will collaborate”

Dorte Zacho Martinsen | Adm. Director | BM Silo

The entire system includes both communication between a fully automatic plate bearing, turret punches, edge bends, 2 pcs. 200 kg robots on rail and chain tracks for pallets in and out.

The system is designed to handle large steel plates 3 meters long as well as small items – combined in a user-friendly recipe system made especially for BM Silo.

The solution
  • Fully automatic robot system
  • Communication solution
  • Plate storage