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NS System

Better working environment and increased profitability

A more connected world of accelerated internet commerce underscores the intensified global competition.

For NS System A/S, a front runner within the Danish textile printing industry through decades, the development requires that the company constantly focuses on optimizing productivity.

Denmark is costly and therefore the relative wage share must be reduced. At the same time, responsible production and the global SDGs are issues which NS System focus on.

Could those challenges be solved using robots?
The answer is yes.

LT Automation provided NS System with a solution with two user-friendly cobots from Universal Robots, which relieves staff of many of the repetitive work functions associated with manual work processes.

In addition to an efficiency gain of 10-15%, the cobots NS System also ensures great flexibility. The company has gained a competitive edge because it is now profitable to produce small series sizes.

The solution from LT Automation is fully integrated with the existing production equipment.

NS System was in constant dialogue with LT Automation, among other things. on how best to ensure a well-functioning and user-friendly interface. Among other things, this led to a custom made solution.

  • 10-15% efficiency increase
  • 50% fewer repetitive work tasks
  • Fast conversion and greater flexibility
  • Small series are profitable