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Ergonomic Solutions Manufacturing

Increased efficiency and greater motivation

LT Automation has provided a robotic solution to Ergonomic Solutions Manufacturing, which develops and manufactures black steel components for payment terminal holders found in every supermarket and every store.

The company’s ongoing investments in automation have led to significant productivity improvements. The output has more than doubled due to investments in robots.

In addition to the fact that the investment in robots has increased competitiveness, it has strengthened the motivation among employees to come up with suggestions on how to further strengthen efficiency.

The solution from LT Automation includes of two flexible 6-axis UR5e cobots and robot tables with associated base cabinets.

One cobot handles threading and various items. The second UR5e is part of the development department, where it tests and contributes to the constant high quality.

ROI? It took only 10 months before the investment in the equipment from LT Automation gave a plus for Ergonomic Solutions Manufacturing.