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Saedager Dairy A/S

Packs 8 tons of cheese per hour

10 years ago we were 18 employees. Today we are 40 and in the same period the turnover has increased significantly more than the number of employees. That is what it is all about. In order to compete, we need to reduce labor costs. We run with two-team shifts, so there are a lot of heavy and uniform lifts, which we now save the employees for. The robot can instead stand and handle them.”

Bjarne Kristiansen | Dairy Manager | Saedager Dairy A / S
Challenge: Many manually lifts

LT Automation has come up with an automation solution to Andelsmejeriet Sædager where one of the key elements is a three-meter tall robot can lift 160 kilos and move eight tons of cheese hourly.

The robot is equipped with the latest within robot technology. Thereby the employees can work safely with only 10 centimeters between themselves and the robot.

Robot technology has automated manual tasks creating better jobs for the employees at the dairy.