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Leth Beton

Robot solution for grinding terrazzo stairs

LT Automation has provided an efficient robot solution assisting Leth Beton sanding concrete stairs.

It is a noisy, dusty and time consuming task grinding the newly cast elements which traditionally has been done manually. At Leth Beton grinding was often done outdoor 365.

Innovative robot solutions

Lack of labor made it difficult for Leth Beton recruiting employees for the grinding tasks.

Leth Beton was searching for innovative automated solution solving the grinding tasks and contacted LT Automation.

For Leth Beton avoiding programming was essential and highly important with a stable solution ensuring that the entire process would run automatically.

LT Automation came up with an integrated robot solution where a lightweight robot not necessary to be programmed, operates by a sensors system able to read various elements despite of the size of the element.

The innovative solution is able to grind up to 16 meters of stair length, corresponding to approximately four average stairs.

More attractive workplace

The automated grinding has provided a better working environment for the employees reducing the number of repetitive tasks.

Thus, the workplace has become more attractive, and employees can attend to other and more value creating operations.

Leth Beton use the robot solution daily for up to two shifts for both coarse and fine grinding of terrazzo stairs and terrazzo bags.

Last but not least: the robots ensure a better and more stable level of quality, as they grind with the same procedure and is able to produce 24×7.