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LT Automation A/S is front runner robotics company highly experienced in providing efficient and innovative robot solutions for various industries. We furthermore offer a wide range of modular robot products. No matter what production challenges you might have, we have the know how, the experiences and high quality robot hard ware by which we are able to solve your production challenges.


Unpacking and handling samples

LT Automation LabEntry
  • Traceable and temperature monitored boxes approved according to UN3373
  • Locks for handing in and handing out boxes
  • Stock for boxes
  • Unpacking boxes
  • Sorting samples
  • Mobile robots for transporting samples
Automized sample handling
LabEntry is a standardized solution for handling samples. Our solution covers the sample’s path from practice to laboratory, and it is based on a traceable and temperature-monitored transport box. The box contains racks that can handle standard sample tubes and racks handling special samples for e.g. microbiology. When the box is arrives at the laboratory, unpacking and sorting is done automatically. This ensures fast handling of the samples and a standard procedure flow to the rest of the laboratory automation. After sorting, the samples can be dispatched to Siemens laboratory automation using a mobile robot, tube post from Swisslog or single tube post from Tempus600®. LabEntry is modular robotic solution and the basic model can handle up to 80 boxes and 800 samples per hour. LabEntry can be tailormade fitted to solve your specific challenges.