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GM Pack

From manually to automated packaging

Previously we often moved boxes from a to b. Not only did we improve the working environment and reduce the risk of errors. With the solution from LT Automation, we have also strengthened our flexibility and significantly increased our productivity "

GMPack A/S is certified by the European Medicines Agency – EMA – for packaging medicines.

At the factory, GMPack packs products for other companies, just as own products are also included in the ongoing operations. This is large-scale production with a variety of products and an extensive number of pieces: high mix – high volume.

Every second, the high-end packaging system spits out a box. Annually this sums up to 4 million items.

Alle items must be handled correctly and properly. This It requires constant vigilance by the employees and includes many repetitive functions where boxes are moved from one position to the next before been shipped from the company.

Both delivery reliability and stable production are crucial competitive parameters.

Production must flow easily and without interruptions or stops, and correspondingly a good working environment is vital.

Explicit procedures, manual handling and many hours of repetitive work have been at the heart of GMPack for many years.

Large numbers of items affect the human ability to concentrate. Employees get tired during the day. Focus is difficult to maintain during an entire day and with many repetitive functions, the risk of error increases hours by hour.

The need to further strengthen the working environment while minimizing the risk of human error was the reason why GM Pack entered into a dialogue with LT Automation on how to automate the processes.

The result is a user-friendly solution that relieves employees. It consists of cobots from Universal Robots and advanced vision systems. Thus, a camera ensures proper handling of the packages.