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Experience Health Tech 4.0

LT Automation Aalborg A/S
5th of December 2023

Tuesday 5 December LT Automation Aalborg venues an exclusive professional networking event for practitioners and decision makers within the health care sector.

Together with some of our partners, Danish politicians and staff representatives from the hospital sector, we focus on innovative health tech that matters and improves.

The event gives you a firsthand and unique insight into innovative health tech solutions, combining digitization, traceability, efficiency, stability and safety.

You are welcome to participate either in the morning or in the afternoon heat.

Søren K. Andersen, CEO LT Automation Aalborg A/S: LabEntry – a faster and more stable pre-analysis.

Britta Storvang, Laboratory Consultant, Aalborg University Hospital: An easier everyday life and a better working environment.

Daniel Blak, CEO SARSTEDT A/S: One-touch flow, fewer burdensome peaks and higher quality in patient sample handling with Tempus600.

Petter Hannerz, Business Development Strategist, Region Skåne: Why automation? Ambitions and concrete goals for Region Skåne, SE.

Malou Skeel, member of the regional council, North Jutland for Venstre: Can we in North Jutland put patients, staff and relatives at the center WITHOUT automation?

Health spokesperson Per Larsen, MF, Cons. Peoples Party: The pressure on the healthcare system is increasing. Can we use automation solutions to solve the challenges?

Martin Bunk, Area Sales Manager KUKA Denmark A/S: Let robots handle the grueling tasks – they can do much more today than most people think. KUKA is among the world’s leading robot manufacturers. Hear how KUKA robots eminently ensure efficient and stable handling of patient samples.


LT Automation Aalborg A/S
Fåborgvej 15A
9220 Aalborg East

Time and Date:

Tuesday 5. December 2023
09.00 – 12.00: Heat 1/2: Exhibition and Presentations
12.00 – 13.00: Joint Lunch
13.00 – 16.00: Heat 2/2: Exhibition and Presentations

A more stable and efficient flow of patient samples is essential to strengthen the entire healthcare system.

Do you want to be flow-inspired, meet exciting professionals and get a first-hand insight into advanced health tech improving conditions for both patients and staff?

It’s free to join. Register for the event at [email protected] no later than Tuesday 28th of November.

Important: The 2 heats will contain the same experiences, and therefore we would like to know which heat you are intending to participate in. It is mandatory to submit a request by. Attending is free of charge, however we will charge you a fee of 450.00 DKK if you fail to attend after our acceptance of your submitted request to attend.